The document outline, headings and proper typographic elements, must be properly cared for in a good quality end product.

As Word documents are electronic documents just like websites, the corporate identity, conditions and guidelines must be followed here as well.

Why do we need improved Word documents

We want to help to expand the usefulness of Word documents through improving the overall quality and usability.

The content of qualitatively good documents are easily scannable, quickly searched and is easier used by people with assistive technology.

How can we help delivering quality Word documents

By providing an accessible template and a checklist we have a qualitatively starting point when creating new documents.

With these templates we create the conditions for successful delivery and provide documented checkpoints and guidelines with which we can manage our process.

What are we providing for successful Word documents

We provide all help for successful construction of Word documents by supplying guidelines and principles and other supporting tasks.

We keep the checklist updated with the latest accessibility techniques in Word, and provide teams custom support in maintaining the quality of their documents.


If you are unable to perform or fix a check, ask an Accessibility Champion for support.