Multiple layers and properties must be present in a good quality end product.

When simply saving a file as a PDF the end result is not yet completely usable. As PDF files are electronic documents just like websites, the corporate identity, conditions and guidelines must be followed here as well.

Why do we need improved PDF files

We want to help to expand the usefulness of PDF files through improving the overall quality and usability.

The content of qualitatively good files can be searched with the search field of a website, is easier used by people with impairments and optimized for SEO (search engine optimization).

How can we help delivering quality PDF files

Setting up a clear process PDF Life Cycle to ensure the quality of PDF files is practiced in every step of the construction.

With these steps we create the conditions for successful delivery and provide documented checkpoints and guidelines with which we can manage our process.

What are we providing for successful PDF files

We provide all help for successful construction of PDF files by supplying guidelines and principles, embedding procurement agreements, inspection processes, give training and other supporting tasks.


If you are unable to perform or fix a check, ask an Accessibility Champion for support.