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Getting Started with A11Y

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Cutout of infographic for the 9 step Getting Started with accessibility part. Step 1, roles and responsibilities, and partly step 2, personas, is shown.

The Basics

Want to start with accessibility?

We help you get up-and-running with the first steps and provide easy guidelines. These form the baseline for inclusive banking. We're always looking for the latest solutions to make it as easy as possible. Wondering if you're already using all of the handy guiding?

Take a look at the quiz questions!

For a quick insight in accessibility and what it's based upon the quiz questions are a good place to start. Based on the Champion lessons it covers a wide range of topics. From fundamentals to HTML and CSS, from legal requirements to testing techniques and much more.

Accessibility Champions

The backbone for sustainable inclusive design are the champions. They form the basis and are the fallback for teams to rely upon. Regular training and advanced knowledge make them the driving force. Need help? Ask a Champ!

Easy Guidelines

Most Guidelines are best practices that can easily be tested with specific criteria that is not subjective and is technologically possible to achieve with current assistive technology on mobile devices. Others are less testable but considered core to accessible mobile website and apps.

Expert section

What was the standard like again?

When people are new to accessibility, it's easy for them to get overwhelmed by all of the standards, laws, and regulations. Providing an alternative is what the expert team does. So don't worry, we have it covered and are always ready to help.


We would also like YOU to become a champ