Introducing A11ycasts

Hey folks! Accessibility is a topic very near and dear to my heart. And as I've spent the past year speaking about it I've realized that so many developers WANT to build accessible apps, but they're just not sure how to go about it. To help teach those fundamentals I thought it would be great to have a series dedicated entirely to the art of accessibility. Meet A11ycasts!

A11ycasts is short for AccessibilityCasts (a11y is a common shortening of the term accessibility because there are 11 letters in between the ""A"" and the ""Y""). The goal of A11ycasts is to teach developers how accessibility works all the way down at the platform level, while also demonstrating real world accessibility problems and solutions to fix them. If you want to follow along be sure to click the subscribe button to be notified every time we roll out a new episode.

Thanks and enjoy the show! -- Rob Dodson - Google


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1. Introducing A11ycasts!

2. Inert Polyfill

3. What is Focus?

4. Controlling focus with tabindex

5. Just use button

6. Roving tabindex

7. Screen Reader Basics: VoiceOver

8. Why do semantics matter?

9. Screen Reader Basics: NVDA

10. Alerts!

11. How I do an accessibility check

12. The art of labeling

13. Intro to ARIA

14. States and Properties in ARIA

15. Automated testing with aXe

16. Focus Ring!

17. How to check for accessible colors

18. Why headings and landmarks are so important

19. Accessible Modal Dialogs

20. How to Label Shadow DOM

21. Does reordering content affect accessibility?

22. Managing Focus

23. The new way to test accessibility with Chrome DevTools

24. How to Label Custom Elements

25. How to build a toggle button

26. Testing Shadow DOM with aXe Coconut

27. Assistive Tech: TalkBack

28. Assistive Tech: VoiceOver on iOS

29. Assistive Tech: Switch Device