Training for Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Based on global conventions and standards, Team A11Y provides training that builds upon the baseline. The training can be given in different formats to match the needs of different disciplines, e.g. Customer Journey Experts, Developers and Designers/UX, and different experience levels, from ad-hoc solutions and presentation to complete curriculums. Contact us for more details.

Training Formats

  • On Demand Courses

    Compile a specific set of courses for specific challenges or needs.

  • Flexible Day Training

    A partial or full day program composed with the applicant.

  • Champion Training

    Full Accessibility Champ Training, two hours weekly, for an extended period of time.


When these trainings uses the terms MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT and MAY in all capital letters, it is in reference to conformance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA and supplemented with best practice Level AAA and WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria as follows:

  • MUST: Required
  • MUST NOT: Not allowed
  • SHOULD: Strongly recommended
  • SHOULD NOT: Strongly discouraged
  • MAY: Optional or conditionally recommended

Champion Training

Lessons Setup

The Champion lessons are divided in three blocks:

1. First Half Hour

Class room discussing the learnings of the homework from Deque University:

  • Champ questions about the homework
  • A round of quiz questions
  • Extra: Tips & Tricks

2. Next Hour

Hands-on discussion of achievements for the exercises done.
Each week another Champ get a turn to show his / her work. We'll check this by using the following:

  • Screen readers and touch interaction
  • Tools and checklists
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Web / HTML Vs. Native / Android and iOS

3. Last Half Hour

Freeform timebox for the following:

  • Bring what you're working on
  • Sharing successes
  • Answering questions


The Champion homework consists of two parts:

Theory from Deque

  • Read the chapters as supplied
  • Collect questions if unclear to discuss

Practice exercises

Developers: correct the Bad site
  • Fork the Good / Bad from Github
  • Inspect / correct WCAG annotations as supplied
  • Update your Github version for inspection
Designers/UX: Annotate Designs
  • Get the annotation PDF from Github as supplied
  • Annotate the Design version according to the Good / Bad site
  • Upload your version at Github

Certification IAAP

Certification program

The IAAP certification program aims to better define what accessibility professionals are expected to know and increase the quality and consistency of the work performed by accessibility professionals. This will not only help individuals to add to their professional qualifications, but it will also help employers of accessibility professionals to assess accessibility competence.

The IAAP will offer two types of certification: a professional level credential, and technical level credential. Certification exams are open to both members of IAAP and non-members. Current exam offerings include:

  • The IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
  • The IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)