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Cutout of infographic for the 9 step Getting Started with accessibility part. Step 1, roles and responsibilities, and partly step 2, personas, is shown.

Getting Started

Nine easy steps to get started with accessibility

But how do I make my work accessible? Where do I start? These are often the first questions after awareness of accessibility.

See Getting Started steps


The purpose of personas is to make the users seem more real, to help designers keep realistic ideas of users throughout the design process.

See al Personas

Do's and Dont's

The do's and dont's of designing for accessibility are general guidelines, best design practices for making services accessible. Currently, there are six different posters in the series that cater to users.

More on Do's and Dont's

Easy Guidelines

Most Guidelines are best practices which can easily be tested with specific objective criteria. They are technologically possible to achieve with current assistive technology on desktop and mobile devices. Others are less testable but considered core to accessible mobile website and apps.


What is your role in accessibility?

Everyone should play his or her part for inclusive design, find out what's yours:


An accurate selection of quality tools

These tools can help you find a wide range of accessibility issues. Developers and designers have to look no further and get a solid starting point by using this selection. They can be sure that they are using the same tools as their peers.